Thine is surpassing greatness, unspeakable
goodness, super-abundant grace;
I can as soon count the sands of ocean’s ‘lip’
as number thy favours towards me;
I know but a part, but that part exceeds all praise.
I thank thee for personal mercies,
a measure of health, preservation of body,
comforts of house and home, sufficiency of food
and clothing,
continuance of mental powers,
my family, their mutual help and support,
the delights of domestic harmony and peace,
the seats now filled that might have been vacant,
my country, church, Bible, faith.
But, O, how I mourn my sin, ingratitude, vileness,
the days that add to my guilt,
the scenes that witness my offending tongue;
All things in heaven, earth, around, within, without,
condemn me —
the sun which sees my misdeeds,
the darkness which is light to thee,
the cruel accuser who justly charges me,
the good angels who have been provoked to leave
thy countenance which scans my secret sins,
thy righteous law, thy holy Word,
my sin-soiled conscience, my private and
public life,
my neighbours, myself —
all write dark things against me.
I deny them not, frame no excuse, but confess,
‘Father, I have sinned’;
Yet still I live, and fly repenting to thy oustretched
thou wilt not cast me off, for Jesus brings me near,
thou wilt not condemn me, for he died in
my stead,
thou wilt not mark my mountains of sin,
for he levelled all,
and his beauty covers my deformities.
O my God, I bid farewell to sin by clinging
to his cross,
hiding in his wounds, and sheltering in his side.


My God, I feel it is heaven to please Thee, and to be what Thou wouldst have me be. O that I were holy as Thou art holy, pure as Christ is pure, perfect as Thy Spirit is perfect! These, I feel, are the best commands in Thy Book, and shall I break them? must I break them? am I under such a necessity as long as I live here?

Woe, woe is me that I am a sinner, that I grieve this blessed God, who is infinite in goodness and grace! O if He would punish me for my sins, it would not [wound] my heart so deep to offend Him; But though I sin continually, He continually repeats His kindness to me.

At times I feel I could bear any suffering, but how can I dishonour this glorious God? What shall I do to glorify and worship this best of beings? O that I could consecrate my soul and body to His service, without restraint, for ever! O that I could give myself up to Him, so as never more to attempt to be my own! or have any will or affections that are not perfectly conformed to His will and His love! But, alas, I cannot live and not sin.

O may angels glorify Him incessantly, and, if possible, prostrate themselves lower before the blessed King of heaven! I long to bear a part with them in ceaseless praise; but when I have done all I can to eternity I shall not be able to offer more than a small fraction of the homage that the glorious God deserves. Give me a heart full of divine, heavenly love.~~~~Valley of Vision

 “Teach me Your way, O Lord: I will walk in Your truth.” “I

have declared my” ignorance, my sinfulness, and my whole

experience before You, looking for Your pardoning mercy,

Your teaching Spirit, and assisting grace, “And You have

heard me.” O continue to me what You have been, and teach

me more of Yourself! ~~~~by Charles Bridges


O Lord, make me more deeply ashamed, that “my soul should

cleave to the dust.” Breathe upon me fresh influence from

Your quickening Spirit. Help me to plead Your word of

promise; and oh! may every fresh view of my sinfulness, while

it prostrates me in self-abasement before You, be overruled to

make the Savior daily and hourly more precious to my soul.

For defiled as I am in myself, in every service of my heart,

what but the unceasing application of His blood, and the

uninterrupted prevalence of His intercession, give me a

moment’s confidence before You, or prevent the very sins that

mingle with my prayers from sealing my condemnation?

Blessed Savior! it is nothing but Your everlasting merit, covering my person, and honoring my sacrifice, that satisfies

the justice of an offended God, and restrains it from breaking

forth as a devouring fire, to consume me upon my very knees.
by Charles Bridges



O God,I bless thee for the happy momentwhen I first saw thy law fulfilled in Christ,wrath appeased, death destroyed, sin forgiven,my soul saved.Ever since, thou hast been faithful to me:daily have I proved the power of Jesus’ blood,

daily have I known the strength of the Spirit,

my teacher, director, sanctifier.

I want no other rock to build upon than that I have,

desire no other hope than that of gospel truth,

need no other look than that which gazes

on the cross.

Forgive me if I have tried to add anything

to the one foundation,

if I have unconsciously relied upon my knowledge,

experience, deeds, and not seen them

as filthy rags,

if I have attempted to complete what is perfect

in Christ;

May my cry be always, Only Jesus! only Jesus!

In him is freedom from condemnation,

fullness in his righteousness,

eternal vitality in his given life,

indissoluble union in fellowship with him;

In him I have all that I can hold;

enlarge me to take in more.

If I backslide,

let me like Peter weep bitterly and return to him;

If I am tempted, and have no wit,

give me strength enough to trust in him;

If I am weak,

may I faint upon his bosom of eternal love;

If in extremity,

let me feel that he can deliver me;

If driven to the verge of hope and to the pit

of despair,

grant me grace to fall into his arms.

O God, hear me, do for me more

than I ask, think, or dream.

By  Valley of Vision


Almighty God,

I am loved with everlasting love,

clothed in eternal righteousness,

my peace flowing like a river,

my comforts many and large,

my joy and triumph unutterable,

my soul lively with a knowledge of salvation,

my sense of justification unclouded.

I have scarce anything to pray for;

Jesus smiles upon my soul as a ray of heaven

and my supplications are swallowed up in praise.

How sweet is the glorious doctrine of election

when based upon thy Word

and wrought inwardly within the soul!

I bless thee that thou wilt keep the sinner

thou hast loved,

and hast engaged that he will not forsake thee,

else I would never get to heaven.

I wrong the work of grace in my heart

if I deny my new nature and my eternal life.

If Jesus were not my righteousness and redemption,

I would sink into nethermost hell

by my misdoings, shortcomings, unbelief, unlove;

If Jesus were not by the power of his Spirit

my sanctification,

there is no sin I should not commit.

O when shall I have his mind!

when shall I be conformed to his image?

All the good things of life are less than nothing

when compared with his love,

and with one glimpse of thy electing favour.

All the treasures of a million worlds could not

make me richer, happier, more contented,

for his unsearchable riches are mine.

One moment of communion with him, one view

of his grace,

is ineffable, inestimable.

But O God, I could not long after thy presence

if I did not know the sweetness of it;

And such I could not know except by thy Spirit

in my heart, nor love thee at all unless thou didst

elect me,

call me,

adopt me,

save me.

I bless thee for the covenant of grace.

By Valley of Vision


Holy Trinity,A ll praise to thee for electing meto salvation,by foreknowledge of God the Father,through sanctification of the Spirit,unto obedience and sprinkling of the bloodof Jesus;I adore the wonders of thy condescending love,marvel at the true believer’s high privilege

within whom all heaven comes to dwell,

abiding in God and God in him;

I believe it, help me experience it to the full.

Continue to teach me that Christ’s righteousness

satisfies justice and evidences thy love;

Help me to make use of it by faith as the ground

of my peace

and of thy favour and acceptance,

so that I may live always near the cross.

It is not feeling the Spirit that proves

my saved state but the truth of what

Christ did perfectly for me;

All holiness in him is by faith made mine,

as if I had done it;

Therefore I see the use of his righteousness,

for satisfaction to divine justice and making

me righteous.

It is not inner sensation that makes Christ’s death


for that may be delusion, being without the Word,

but his death apprehended by my faith,

and so testified by Word and Spirit.

I bless thee for these lively exercises of faith,

for the righteousness that is mine in Jesus,

for grace to resign my will to thee;

I rejoice to think that all things are at thy disposal,

and I love to leave them there.

Then prayer turns wholly into praise,

and all I can do is to adore and love thee.

I want not the favour of man to lean upon,

for I know that thy electing grace

is infinitely better.

By  Valley of Vision


My Father,Enlarge my heart, warm my affections,open my lips,supply words that proclaim ‘Love lustresat Calvary.’There grace removes my burdens and heaps themon thy Son,made a transgressor, a curse, and sin for me;There the sword of thy justice smote the man,thy fellow;

There thy infinite attributes were magnified,

and infinite atonement was made;

There infinite punishment was due,

and infinite punishment was endured.

Christ was all anguish that I might be all joy,

cast off that I might be brought in,

trodden down as an enemy

that I might be welcomed as a friend,

surrendered to hell’s worst

that I might attain heaven’s best,

stripped that I might be clothed,

wounded that I might be healed,

athirst that I might drink,

tormented that I might be comforted,

made a shame that I might inherit glory,

entered darkness that I might have eternal light.

My Saviour wept that all tears might be wiped

from my eyes,

groaned that I might have endless song,

endured all pain that I might have unfading health,

bore a thorny crown that I might have

a glory-diadem,

bowed his head that I might uplift mine,

experienced reproach that I might receive


closed his eyes in death that I might gaze

on unclouded brightness,

expired that I might for ever live.

O Father, who spared not thine only Son that thou

mightest spare me,

All this transfer thy love designed and


Help me to adore thee by lips and life.

O that my every breath might be ecstatic praise,

my every step buoyant with delight, as I see my

enemies crushed,

Satan baffled, defeated, destroyed,

sin buried in the ocean of reconciling blood,

hell’s gates closed, heaven’s portal open.

Go forth, O conquering God, and show me

the cross, mighty to subdue, comfort and save.

By  Valley of Vision


O God, Praise waiteth for thee, and to render it is my noblest exercise; This is thy due from all thy creatures,  for all thy works display thy attributes and fulfil thy designs; The sea, dry land, winter cold, summer heat, morning light, evening shade are full of thee, and thou givest me them richly to enjoy. Thou art King of kings and Lord of lords; At thy pleasure empires rise and fall; All thy works praise thee and thy saints bless thee; Let me be numbered with thy holy ones,    resemble them in character and condition, sit with them at Jesus’ feet. May my religion be always firmly rooted in thy Word, my understanding divinely informed,   my affections holy and heavenly, my motives simple and pure, and my heart never wrong with thee. Deliver me from the natural darkness of my own mind,    from the corruptions of my heart, from the temptations to which I am exposed,    from the daily snares that attend me. I am in constant danger while I am in this life; Let thy watchful eye ever be upon me for my defense, Save me from the power of my worldly and spiritual enemies and from all painful evils to which I have  exposed myself. Until the day of life dawns above let there be unrestrained fellowship with Jesus; Until fruition comes, may I enjoy the earnest of my inheritance and the firstfruits of the Spirit; Until I finish my course with joy may I pursue it with diligence,  in every part display the resources of the Christian,    and adorn the doctrine of thee my God in all things.

By  Valley of Vision


O Lord God,Thou art our Preserver, Governor, Saviour,and coming Judge.Quieten our souls to call upon thy name;Detach us from the influence of the fleshand the senses;Impress us with the power of faith;Promote in us spirituality of mindthat will render our services acceptable to thee,and delightful and profitable to ourselves.Bring us into that state which attracts thine eye,and prepare us to receive the proofs of thy love.Show us our danger, that we may fly to thee

for refuge.

Make us sensible of our sin’s disease,

that we may value the good Physician.

Placard to us the cross, that it may slay

the enmity of our hearts.

Help us to be

watchful over our ways,

jealous over our tempers,

diligent over our hearts.

When we droop, revive us,

When we loiter, quicken us,

When we go astray, restore us.

Possess us with more of that faith

which is the principle of all vital godliness.

May we

be rich in faith,

be strong in faith,

live by faith,

walk by faith,

experience the joy of faith,

do the work of faith,

hope through faith.

Perceiving nothing in ourselves,

may we find in the Saviour

wisdom, righteousness,

sanctification, redemption.

By  Valley of Vision



How to Hunger for God on this Day of Spiritual Fasting and Prayer
For the Present Gospel Ministry
*Thank you Lord, that you gave the Word, and great was the
company of the preachers whom you have sent throughout
every generation
*Fill the empty pulpits in our land with faithful men, and empty
the pulpits which are full of unfaithful men and women, so
that they may be replaced with men whom You have called
*Give our own pastor wisdom from the Holy Spirit, that each week
he will accurately understand and explain the Bible to us
*Protect our pastor from any sin which will hinder the ministry and
shame the name of Christ.
-Keep him from pride, anger, lust, greed, laziness,
jealousy, desire of revenge, etc.
*Preserve our pastor’s zeal for the gospel, that he will never rest on
past successes, but press onward for the prize of God’s call
in Christ Jesus
*Make our pastor willing to suffer for the cause of Christ, to
“endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus”
*Protect and Encourage the wives and children of all your pastors,
that the wives may be willing helpmeets, and the children
motivated to love Christ and His people all their lives
*Open the eyes of each church member to see their part in the
gospel ministry, especially through the duty of encouraging
our pastor and the duty of prayer for him and his family.
*Grant these things, O Lord, for all faithful pastors whom You
have raised up to serve in your congregations around the
world right now
For the Future Gospel Ministry
*Bless the Seminaries which are faithful to God’s Word in all that
they teach–we think of those which the RCUS supports:
City Seminary of Sacramento (Sacramento, CA)
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary(Greenville,NC)
Heidelberg Theological Seminary (Sioux Falls, SD)
Mid-America Reformed Seminary (Dyer, IN)
New Geneva Theological Seminary (Colorado Springs, CO)
*Lead professors to love the truth for Christ’s sake, and to see their
important role to be the Church’s servants, not Her masters
*Guide and equip Classis elders and ministers to be more active in
overseeing Students for the Ministry throughout their
seminary careers and their examination processes
*Make our local congregation a pastor-preparation location!
-By publicly praying for other churches and missions
-By challenging men to consider the gospel ministry when
they are confirmed, graduate from high school and
college, and even those in their 1st or 2nd careers.
-By providing books on the call to the ministry.
-By funding internships and planning for future internships
-By including our young men in Bible Studies, in visitation
of the elderly and shut-ins, etc.
*Open my heart to see how I am called to love the Lord with my
financial resources, which will be directly used in
advancing the gospel in my community, country, and world
*Help me to look to the Lord of the harvest with great joy, for He
is bringing in the harvest of souls right now, and continues
to do so until all His elect are brought into His Kingdom
*With our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, we ask these
things from You, with thankfulness that You have used many
ministers to bring us the gospel and disciple us in the love of
in Whose name alone and for His glory alone we pray…AMEN!